ACH Document Processing

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer for VISUAL

  • Seamless VISUAL integration
  • Saves Resources & Time
  • Industry Standard
  • Improved Visibility

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Your financials, simplified.

The solution leverages VISUAL’s payment scheduling and batch payment functions, with the added convenience, performance, and security of Electronic Funds Transfer payment processing.

ACH Document Processing - EFT
  • Seamless integration with VISUAL - Users can quickly and easily create an ACH flat file that can be uploaded to their bank from within the VISUAL modules they are already familiar with.

  • Time savings - The ability to just upload a small file to your bank for processing instead of manually processing each check individually and then having to mail them

  • Improved Visibility - On screen break down by Supplier with sub-totals. And, on screen visual validation of missing information in ACH records..

  • Industry Standard - Uses the standards adopted by 95% of banks throughout the world for processing of electronic payments.

  • Innovative Viewing Options - A user-friendly screen redesign enables a fresh perspective on a tried and true ACH experience.

  • Amplified Communication Opportunities - Create an email template or mock up allows efficient communication to all suppliers.

Eliminate costly manual processes and better manage your AP workload.