Enabling the User-Defined Print Forms

Enabling the User-Defined Print Forms

I’m sure you’ve noticed that VISUAL allows you to print customer facing forms (and vendor facing forms) in 5 different formats – Standard, Print Form and 3 User-Defined formats.

Enabling the User-Defined Print Forms

The STANDARD format points to the QRP named “xxxxxFRM.QRP” and the PRINT FORM to “xxxxxFM1.QRP”.  The “xxxxx” would change depending on the the module that you’re in.  For example, the customer order acknowledgement QRPs are VMORDFRM.QRP and VMORDFM1.QRP, respectively.

If you’re like most VISUAL users, chances are the 3 remaining formats, the User-Defined ones, are greyed out and disabled.

These options only become enabled when their respective QRP physically exist in the VISUAL executable directory.  If they don’t, the option is not available.

So how do we get our hands on these USER-DEFINED QRPs if they don’t exist?

Easy.  We just copy either the STANDARD or PRINT FORM qrp file and rename it using the following naming convention:

  • xxxxxUD1.QRP” = for User Defined 1
  • xxxxxUD2.QRP” = for User Defined 2
  • xxxxxUD3.QRP” = for User Defined 3

So using the same customer acknowledgement example, making a copy of the VMORDFRM.QRP and renaming it to VMORDUD1.QRP would enable the USER DEFINED 1 option.

Now before you go and start formatting these USER-DEFINED qrps –> best practice dictates that you make use of the REPORT FORMAT FILE OVERRIDES feature and copy these user defined files to your custom report directory and make your changes there.

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