Be an Influencer – and be part of VISUAL’s roadmap into the future

Over the past weekend – Infor made available the latest release to VISUAL 9 – we’re now sitting at version 9.0.3.  This is the 3rd minor release of VISUAL 9 and part of Infor’s Quarterly Release Cycle.  You can download the latest from InforXtreme.

As expected, each release includes patch fixes to address known bug issues, but it also includes enhancements and new features and functions.  All of which are detailed in the release notes – and you should always read before actually applying the update in your environment.

Looking over the notes from the last 3 minor releases – I found something very interesting.  Over 65% of the enhancements came from requests from the customer base.

Majority of the Enhancements Are Initiated
by the VISUAL User Community

Infor VISUAL ERP Infuence

This is good stuff.

You do have a voice.  And you can use it to influence the roadmap of VISUAL.

Who better to collaborate with in the development of VISUAL – then the users themselves!?!  Their in-depth knowledge and use of VISUAL in real world scenarios are invaluable to Infor.

So, if you have a wish list or an idea- which would put VISUAL over the top and make things easier for the masses…

then be the “Influencer” and submit it to the folks at Infor

Infor is listening…..So don’t hold back!

Submit your requests on InforXtreme or work with your VISUAL User Group in your region and submit as a group.


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