BOM Xploder for VISUAL

Catch part shortages before they catch you!
Find out in an instant if you are ready to build.


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See part shortages now and expected material availability at any and all levels of the BOM

It’s hard to catch shortages before they bite you, especially on products with deep or expansive Bills of Material (BOM’s), or simply put – lots of component parts! It seems like the more parts on it, the greater the chance that you’re going to get caught without one.

The idea behind BOM Xploder is “Can I build it now?” In other words, do I have all the component materials for a finished product currently in stock available to be kitted and released to the floor right now?

BOM Xploder explodes all those levels for you, giving you one view into the availability of ALL components at ALL levels

Complete Visibility in One Click

The BOM Xploder allows you to see the complete material availability through the entire exploded BOM of any of your products at a single glance. Some of the exceptional features are...

Streamlined Workflow

Get a top level view of work orders and how many shortages there are in real-time.

Dynamic BOM Assesment

Find out immediately if you are ready to build.

Easy to implement

Get up and running on your BOM’s and Work-Orders in minutes

BOM Drill Down

Drill-down into exploded Bill of Materials to identify parts that have shortages identified.

Customizable Windows

Configure to drill right into the VISUAL Material Planning Window, Engineering Master Window and/or Traveller window

Organization in Real Time

Because the solution is installed centrally, there is no need to install at each workstation.