Concurrencies and the concurrent scheduler

I avoid using concurrencies and the concurrent scheduler. I used to be a strong believer that the scheduler could properly schedule a plant by managing all this complexity. Then I came to realize it really can’t. You might achieve a schedule, and maybe even one the users think they can execute, but it is hardly one that even comes close to achieving high performance.

In some cases we did achieve a proper executable schedule but in most cases not.

I just don’t believe the basic assumptions of the concurrent scheduler are true, namely:

  1. Maximum profitability is achieved when all resources are busy
  2. High resource utilization is key to shortest lead times
  3. The way to manage the plant is to manage every resource in detail
  4. More detail is the best way to manage complexity
  5. Maintaining the scheduling data detail is the best use of the scheduler’s time
  6. The operations can be scheduled just in time (I know you can put in artificial move times)
  7. That backwards scheduling from the due date will give you a good solution (it won’t)
  8. That forwards scheduling from the start date will give you a good solution (it won’t)


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