Configure VISUAL to browse on the different languages of your part description

VISUAL allows you to maintain the description of parts in multiple languages.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to browse the parts in these various languages?

Whoa Whoa Whoa, Stop The Clock…

Configure VISUAL to browse on the different languages of your part descriptionLanguages?  What do you mean languages in VISUAL?  Well, this is a useful feature available to you if you do business with international customers.  It enables you to provide customer facing documents (ie. order acknowledgement, packlist, BOL, invoice, etc) in the language of companies with which you are dealing.

Let’s assume you do business in Quebec and you configured VISUAL to generate documents in french for your Quebec customers.  You also maintain all the parts to have their own french description.  Cool.

If you want your browse window for PARTS to include the french description, you need to make a few minor changes to your VMBROWSE.ini file and browse window.

  1. Open your VMBROWSE.ini file.  This file can be found in your VISUAL local directory.
  2. Under the [PART] section of the file, set the TABLE and WHERE to values highlighted in YELLOW below.  Leave all other parameters and values unchanged.[Part]
  3. Go ahead and save the VMBROWSE file.
  4. Go to PART MAINTENANCE and open the PART browse windowPart Maintenance - Browse Button
  5. Select “Edit columns…” from the DATA menu.Part Maintenance - Browse Edit Columns
  6. In the “Edit Columns” dialog box, you’ll notice a few more columns to choose from (at the top of the list).  Select the LANG_DESCRIPTION.PART_DESCRIPTION column.  This field contains the french description.  Click the OK button (checkmark) to continue.Part Maintenance - Browse Edit Columns
  7. You should now see the french description column as part of the BROWSE window – which, of course, you can search on.Part Maintenance Browse Languages


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