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A time saving tool to easily track, manage and reconcile your inventory for VISUAL

Provides a systematic approach to control and manage your VISUAL inventory effectively and efficiently. It gives you ultimate freedom to quickly filter data, drill-down and track inventory/work in process discrepancies, and easily reconcile the sub-ledgers to financial records

Super charge VISUAL with this app to easily handle even the most difficult inventory challenge

Features & Benefits

Providing you ultimate freedom to quickly filter data, drill-down and track inventory/work in process discrepancies, easily reconcile actual inventory/wip to financial records for current or past periods….all in one screen even if you’re running multiple databases.

Control your Inventory effectively and in real time

Review your Inventory/WIP Valuation as of any date, capture discrepancies on timely basis and empower employees to gain fundamental insights

Get a centralized reporting solution for Finance and Manufacturing

Avoid the typical internal debates on which functional area of the company is looking at the correct data!

Learn from experience and information stored in your VISUAL database

Analyze trends, consumption, turns, and periodically run a set of audits that will help you keep your system healthy

Provide a systematic approach to reconcile your VISUAL inventory effectively and efficiently

All the while increasing staff knowledge and productivity

Drill down to source transactions and create your own pivot tables

Segregate the valuation by Product Code, Commodity Code, Warehouse, and more...Export to Excel in just one click!