It’s the little things…Preventing Negative Inventory in VISUAL 7

It’s certainly not the touted feature that the folks at Infor use to celebrate the latest version VISUAL, but it’s will make your life a little easier in preventing inventory from going negative.

It’s the little things…Preventing Negative Inventory in VISUAL 7In VISUAL 7, as in previous versions, you can prevent inventory from going negative within a warehouse BUT YOU CAN NOW prevent negative inventory at the LOCATION level.

It used to be that the locations were allowed to go negative if they were offset by quantities in other locations.  This would leave you with the task to tranfer inventory from location to location to remove the negatives (PITA).

With this new option, it forces the user to use locations with sufficient quantities to complete the transactions.

You can set this option in the APPLICATION GLOBAL MAINTENANCE window under the Costings tab

Note that, as with previous versions, auto-issue can drive inventory negative regardless of the settings – and this is by design

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