Keeping tabs on your off-site inventory

VISUAL has this great little report called the Inventory Out Report – and it details all your inventory that you own that’s currently off-site.  This could be material that you have with a supplier that’s providing an OUTSIDE SERVICE or it could be inventory that’s IN TRANSIT to one of your warehouses across the country.

Keeping tabs on your off-site inventory The report allows you the flexibility to focus only on inventory transfers (IBTs) or only on inventory dispatched to your suppliers for a service.

The Inventory Out Report is fast and simple – providing you with a quick reference to all that you have “out there” beyond your 4 walls.

You can find this report under the INVENTORY menu near the bottom of the list.

If you happen to find yourself without this report in the menu – it’s only because Infor buried it for you to uncover.  You’ll need to free the report through Application Global Maintenance (under the ADMIN menu).  Go to the Shipment Trk tab and check the Shipment Tracking Enabled option.  Then save the changes.  You may have to log out and log back into VISUAL for the report option to appear.

Now go and print the report and see how much $ in inventory you got “out there”.

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