Sales Document Lifecycle for VISUAL 6.x and earlier

If you’re not quite ready to upgrade to VISUAL 7 to experience the new Document Lifecycle feature – you can “sort of” replicate it using a macro that queries the database, displays the results on a web page which you can then drill down into VISUAL with the help of VMX files.

Sales Document Lifecycle for VISUAL 6.x and earlier


Before you can use the macro you need to configure a couple things on the workstation that will be using it.

This macro can be used in either the Customer Order Entry window or the Order Management window.

  1. Associate VMX files to VISUAL application
    In order for VISUAL VMX files to work, windows needs to know that they are to be opened using the main VISUAL application (VM.exe).To do this, simply right click on a VMX file and select “Open with…” from the popup menu.  Browse to the VM.exe and select it.  Be sure to also check the Always use this program to open these files check box.File Association VMXIf you don’t have a VMX file to select, create one.  You can do this by creating a text file from NOTEPAD and renaming the extension to VMX (instead of txt).Note: You will also need to associate VFX files to the VISUAL application.  Follow the same instructions as above.
  2. Create a VMX folder
    The macro will be creating VMX files that will be used to drill down from the web page.  VISUAL users will need read/write permissions to this folder.  And each user should have the own VMX folder
  3. Download the macro
    After you download and unzip the file, you will need to modify the macro and provide the following parameters (which can be found near the beginning or the script):

    strServerName = “E N T E R    N A M E    O F    D A T A B A S E    S E R V E R
    strDatabase = “E N T E R    N A M E    O F    D A T A B A S E”
    strUserName = “E N T E R    U S E R N A M E”
    strPassword = “E N T E R    P A S S W O R D”strPathVMX = “P A T H    T O    V M X    F O L D E R”     ‘ ie “C:\Visual\VMX”

Go ahead and give it a shot.

Once you get this working – it shouldn’t take much effort to modify the script and have it working from the other sales modules:

  • Estimating Window
  • Return Material Authorization
  • Shipment Entry
  • AR Invoices
  • AR Payments


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