No reason not to have an adjustment reason!

One of the most frustrating things when trying to audit/reconcile inventory transactions is the lack of information provided by the user for quantity adjustments.  What I’m referring to are the Adjust Ins and Adjust Outs that allow you to modify quantities for a given part.  In a lot of cases, it seems that inventory magically appears or disappears.

In recent versions of VISUAL, you can now enforce the user to select an Adjustment Reason when entering adjustments – which will at least give you some sort of indication as to nature of the transaction.

You can turn on this requirement in the Application Global Maintenance windows under the DEFAULTS tab.

No reason not to have an adjustment reason!

You can populate the Adjustment Reasons list by selecting the Adjustment Reason table item from the MAINTAIN menu of the Application Global Maintenance window.

Application Global Maintenance - Adjustment Reasons Menu

When all is set, the user will then be able to select a reason when entering an adjustment transaction.

Inventory Transaction Entry - Adj reason

Failing to select a reason code will result in the following:

Adj Reason Message

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