Physical inventory count and “found” inventory with trace profile

Physical inventory count and "found" inventory with trace profile

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Whenever you go through a physical count, you’re likely to hear a variation of one of the following:

  • Where did that come from?
  • That’s where it is!
  • I didn’t know we had that?!
  • What the heck is this?

In each case, you make the decision as to whether to include the item or not in your physical count (or cycle count).

If you do decide to include the “found” inventory, you can do so in VISUAL using a blank inventory ticket or adding to an existing ticket.   No problem.

But what if this inventory has a trace profile?  When it comes to traced parts during physical counts, VISUAL requires you to match the trace id to the trace record in VISUAL.  So chances are, the trace on the “found” inventory does not exist in VISUAL.  And if you try to enter a ticket for it you’ll be faced with the following message:

Trace ID Warning

Yeah, sure you do as you’re told and enter the “found” inventory using the Inventory Transaction Entry window as an ADJUST IN after the Physical Count – But I want this inventory transaction to be part of the Physical Count process.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Ignore the message
  2. From the INVENTORY menu, select Part Trace Maintenance
  3. Enter the PART ID in the appropriate field

    Infor VISUAL Part Trace Maintenance

  4. From the MAINTAIN menu, select “Pre-assigned numbers…”

    VISUAL Trace Maintenance

  5. Enter the quantity of your found inventory in the “pre-assign quantity” field.

    Part Trace Pre-Assigned Numbers

  6. You can then enter the TRACE ID(s) in the Traceability window.

    VISUAL Part Trace IDs

  7. Hit the SAVE button.

Now go ahead and enter that physical count inventory ticket for your “found” items.

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