Removing old unmatched PO receipts from visual

Removing old unmatched PO receipts from visual So you just printed out the Uninvoiced Receipts report from the AP Invoice Entry window and discovered a whack of old receipts that, for whatever reason, never got matched to an AP invoice.  And you definitely know that the related invoices have long been entered and paid.

Now you’re scratching your head wondering how to rid these offending receipts from the list.

To clear these receipts you will need to create a ZERO dollar voucher for each of them.

Here’s how to do it

1. Create a new AP invoice with a total value of $0.00

2. Call up each receiver(s) onto the voucher as you would normally do with a vendor’s invoice.  As expected, there’s a dollar value with each receiver.

3. Then INSERT A NEW LINE item, which should automatically have a negative value (remember we had set the total value of the voucher to $0 in step 1, so it needs to net to ZERO).  Now you will need to decide what GL account to use for this line to clear this accrual.

4. Save the voucher

Invoice Entry

Problem solved

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