Removing an extended query from a QRP

You’d think that you would be able to remove your extended query from the same window where you originally added it -> the SYSTEM REPORT FORMAT OVERRIDES window

You won’t have much luck there!

You actually have to open your QRP file from the Report Builder application and delete it from there.  It’s a pain that you have to do it outside the VISUAL interface, but it’s not complicated to do.

  1. Using your favorite reporting application, Unify Report Builder, open your QRP file with the extended query that you want to remove.

    Removing an extended query from a QRP

  2. From the OBJECT tree panel, expand the FORMULAS folder and find the item “SQLQUERY” (most likely near the bottom of the list).
  3. Right click on SQLQUERY and select DELETE from the popup menu.

    Infor Gupta QRP Extended Query SQLQUERY

  4. Save the QRP


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