Interactive, real-time, decision-support tool for your ERP

  • Dynamic and Self-Service Reporting Tool
  • 25+ Pre-Built “Best-in-Class” Strategic and Tactical Analytics to drive growth
  • Access to Real-Time Information
  • Automated Report Delivery system

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Stop the frustration by giving your users the tool they need to the data they want, when they want it, how they want it!


The Smartest Way to View your Data

SmartViews allows you to create your own views with ANY data in VISUAL as well as with external data sources also! With SmartViews, you can see ANY data, ANY way you want to see it:

  • Easily! Just drag & drop, point and click to sift (filter) and sort it, group it, even multiple groupings!
  • Flexibly! Export it! Chart it!
  • Drill down on it to see detail of summarized or grouped data, drill back to see source documents in VISUAL.
  • Pivot View to slice and dice, turn your data upside down, or inside out, anyway you want to see it!
  • Need your data “bucketized” by time period – day, week, month, quarter, year? Comparative analysis? Not a problem with SmartViews!

Dynamically Interact with VISUAL using SmartViews

Using the built-in API capabilities, not only can you drive VISUAL from SmartViews - but you can easily and quickly make adjustments/modifications and effortlessly update your system

A reporting tool....on overdrive....with features so easy that anyone can report, analyze and act on the data.