DIY – SQL Server upkeep

DIY - SQL Server upkeep

How’s your SQL Server running?  Backups taking too much space?  How is Infor helping you with this?  Your channel partner?  Where can you get help?

SQL Pass SaturdayI went to a free seminar last Saturday by the folks at SQLSaturday and learned a lot!  I am sure there is one in your area soon.  Look for the next one here:

Just a few tidbits I learned from some SQL MVPs:

Hopefully, some of this information will help you next time someone screams “Visual is SLOW!!”

Peter Boers is our special guest author at and is an active participant in the VISUAL community.  Peter has recently taken on the responsibility for maintaining the web site for the newly formed Visual Enterprise Global User Group (VEGUG).

Connect with him online at LinkedIn 

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