Using Notifications to keep your customers and vendors up to date on their orders – and your internal staff too!

VISUAL’s email capabilities have been further enhanced in Version 9 with the introduction of Notifications.  In fact, it should be noted that VISUAL’s entire email system has been updated and now works with multiple email systems including Office365, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.

For those of you using Workflow to send emails – this is awesome news.  Workflow and emails were sometimes a hit and miss depending on your environment – and a PITA to troubleshoot!

So, Notifications in VISUAL allows you to communicate updates to your customers and vendors on:

  • when a New Order is entered;
  • when there is a Change Order, and/or
  • when there’s a Shipment/Receipt on the order.

These notifications can ALSO be sent to people within your company as well – think of notifying…

  • salesperson of shipments
  • production/planning department of order changes
  • accounting of an invoice payment of a large order

And all of this can all be done automatically and behind the scenes.

Notifications can be set globally at the customer and vendor level as well as at the order level.

In the Customer Order Entry window, under the Notifications tab in header area – you can indicate whether notifications should be processed.

Using Notifications to keep your customers and vendors up to date on their orders - and your internal staff too!

You can also bring up the following window by selecting Order Notifications under the EDIT menu:

Order Notification

Notifications to your customers and vendors will always be sent to the contact tied to the specific order.  Internal communications (your employees) are specified in the window above (right area) or can be set globally at the customer and vendor level.

To set these parameters at the customer and vendor level – look for the Notifications option under the MAINTAIN menu of the respective module (Customer Maintenance/Vendor Maintenance)

The amount of details in these notifications are entirely up to you and can be easily configured – using templates.  Managing these templates can be done in the Notification Maintenance window, which can be found under the ADMIN menu

Order Notification Template

You will notice across the top are the various templates particular to the notification type (business event) – ie: customer order, purchase order, shipment, receipt, etc.

The right area lists all the available tokens (placeholders) to personalize the content of the notification.  These tokens will be replaced with content from your data of the related document when the email is created.

The main area of the window allows you to define the content for:

  • Subject Line
  • Header Message
  • Line Details
  • Footer Message

Once set – you are good to go.  It’s another option to keep everyone apprised of what’s going on – externally and internally.


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