Usings the RMA module to manage your Service Repair business

Usings the RMA module to manage your Service Repair businessThe Return Material Authorization (RMA) module in VISUAL isn’t only reserved for returning items originally shipped/sold by you.  It can be a viable solution to manage you service business where items are sent to you for servicing (repairs).

The RMA process allows you to track the customer’s property when it arrives on site.  It will create a work order for the service (repair).  This allows you to capture labour and material used.  And when the job is complete, VISUAL will calculate the associated costs so that you can charge the customer accordingly.

A customer calls in and asks whether you service Widgets.  Of course you do – you don’t sell them but you’ll provide services on anything and everything.  He mentions that he has a problem with the doohickey and that it appears to be an electrical issue.

You ask the customer to hold on a second while you obtain an RMA # for them to reference so that your Service Dept knows what to do with it when it comes in.

Here’s what you do.

1. From the RMA window, enter the following:

  • Customer ID
  • Type – Select REPAIR from the drop down list.
  • Reason – Select the the reason for the repair.  In this case, “Electrical” is selected.  You can maintain the REASON list through APPLICATION GLOBAL MAINTENANCE under the MAINTAIN menu

RMA General Tab

2. Then hit the SAVE icon.

RMA Header

You’ll now have an RMA ID (RMA-00002) that you can give to your Customer to reference when they ship the Widget.  You should also see a NEW ORDER (02020) which will be used to Invoice the service/repair work.

3. Click on the “Show New Order” icon in the toolbar

RMA Show New Order
4. The Customer Order Entry window should appear displaying the new order 02020.  Notice that the order status is ON HOLD.  This is OK.  It will stay ON HOLD until the customer’s Widget is received by your Service Dept.  You now have to enter a line on the order to indicate the service work you will be doing.  At a minimum, enter the following line information:

  • Quantity – 1
  • Misc Ref/Descr – enter description of the service (ie: Doohickey repair)
  • New W/O– Place a checkmark.  This creates a new workorder and links it to this order.  With this, we can capture all labour and material used to service the Widget.

    RMA Customer Order Entry

5. Hit the SAVE icon.

6. Be sure to set the new workorder to UNRELEASED.

Create New Job

7. Close the customer order window and go back to the RMA window and refresh the screen.  You should see that the RMA now has the line item you created on the customer order (02020).  Enter “1” in the Rtn Qty Authorized column (as shown).

RMA - Grid Authorize Return Quantity

8. Widget arrives.  What do you do? …. You need to let VISUAL know that it’s here to be serviced.  To do this, go to the Shipping Entry window and select SHIPMENT RETURN.

RMA - Shipping Entry Shipment Return

9. Pull up the RMA ID from the dropdown list and enter “1” in the Qty Return column

RMA - Shipment Returns

You’ll be asked whether to release the work order – Click YES.

In this example, the work order relating to this service is 40025/1.  You can now build the work order accordingly — charging all LABOUR and MATERIAL used.

If you go back to the RMA window and pull up the RMA (RMA-00002) – you will see that it’s been updated.  The RMA’s status is now RECEIVED and the respective Widget (line item) has been received (Qty Returned column).

RMA - Return Status

10. You got the Widget working using a thingamajig — it’s ready to be sent back to the customer.  Go to the Shipping Entry window and bring up the customer order (02020).  Be sure to enter the RMA ID (RMA-00002) in the header area (as shown) and ship the respective line item.

RMA - Shipment

You’ll notice that the Ship Status field remains at SHIPPED.  That’s because we’re not finished yet.  It’s not ready to be invoiced because we still have to specify what we’ll be charging the customer.

11. From the RMA window, select “Price Repair Orders…” from the EDIT menu.

RMA Price Repair Order

12. In the PRICE REPAIR CUSTOMER ORDER window, enter the RMA ID (RMA-00002) to set the price you want to charge the customer, which will be based on the costs of the workorder (40025/1).

In this case, only 1 hour of labour was changed to the workorder ($15) – The customer will be billed $150.  I manually entered this price into the New Unit Price column – BUT you could also use the Hourly Rate and Markup functions (top right area) that will calculate the unit price to bill the customer.  Click on the SAVE button to commit changes.

RMA - Price Repair Customer Orders

13. Finally, click on the APPROVE SHIPMENTS button to send it for invoicing (in Invoice Forms).


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