Where is this inventory demand coming from?

Where is this inventory demand coming from?

In Visual, the demand placed on parts come from the following 4 areas:

  1. Customer Orders
  2. Work Orders
  3. Inter-branch Transfers
  4. Planned Work Orders

You can easily get demand information by using in the Material Planning Window.  All the demand for a part will be listed to the left of the “Projected Qty” column.

If you are wanting to “re-create” this information (or some variation of it) using SQL you would need to query all 4 possible demand areas and combine them using the UNION operator.  When using the UNION operator, you must ensure that each SELECT statement has the same structure (same # of columns, same data type, same column order).

Below is an example of what that query may look like (it’s not as complicated as it looks!).  You can download this query here.

REMEMBER to change [ENTER PART ID] to your part ID in the query.


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