Yes, you CAN use the drag & drop feature to reschedule operations in the Standard schedule

I happened to be referring to the VISUAL manuals on scheduling when I came across an item stating that you cannot Drag and Drag operations in the STANDARD schedule.

This is definitely not the case….unless I’ve been using a hacked version of VISUAL – which I’m not.

What’s this Drag and Drop feature?  The Drag and Drop feature allows you to visually move and reschedule operations in the Scheduling window.  You can set when an operation should start or when it should finish – basically ignoring what VISUAL has determined to be your best schedule based on current conditions and system parameters.

So you can literally have complete control of everything on the floor.

And why not use it?  You are king!  You are master of your domain.

Seinfeld - Master of your Domain

Well, I suggest you control yourself and limit your use of it.  When you intervene and move operations, you’re actually FREEZING the operations to the new dates and times.  VISUAL will not schedule FROZEN operations and will schedule other jobs around them.  VISUAL now has to deal with these “fixed” operations when scheduling jobs.  And the resulting schedule may not be what you expect only because you may have forgotten about operations you had FROZEN in the past.

But I digress…

If you find yourself not being able to drag and drop operations in the STANDARD schedule, set the following in your VISUAL.ini file or Preference Maintenance.

[Scheduling Window]

And remember…self-discipline 😉

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