You should never change the part’s Product Code except…

I’m sure you are well aware that you shouldn’t haphazardly change the product code of a part as it can have a significant accounting impact —> VISUAL will reclassify all past transactions.  But there is one area where you can change the product code without issue – and that’s in the Customer Order Entry.

You should never change the part's Product Code except

VISUAL allows you to change the specified Product Code of a line item in the customer order.  But why would you want to change the product code in a customer order?

Well, one reason could be that you want the line item to hit a different set of Revenue and COGS accounts.  –> One set of accounts for when the item is sold by the SALES dept and another set of accounts when the item is sold by the SERVICE Dept.

Rest assured VISUAL will refer to the Inventory GL accounts of product code specified in PART MAINTENANCE for the line item when preparing the journals.


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